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Rules, System and Frequently Asked Questions

The following is basic information about Moviehome forum. Please read this before posting questions or answers if you are unfamiliar with this sort of forum. Click on any question to show or hide the answer.
  • What is This Place?
  • This is Moviehome Bollywood Forum, The Perfect Movie Discussion Forum . You Can ask , discuss, post,clear your queries about anything related to Movies ( and sports to some extent).
  • What are The Rules and Regulations of Moviehome?
  • *** Dont make personal attacks against any user regarding his/her family members, caste , colour, religion,country, usernames etc and try to treat other members of the forum they deserve**
    *** Don't post stuffs which contains Nudity, Eroticism or too much violence or morphed images as well**
    *** All Questions and Answer should be made In English . You can use Hindi or others languages in comments but that too in English Font . Don't use any other fonts for posting any stuffs**
    *** Be Careful in language you use on the forum as the forum is accessible to all age groups** .
    *** Users are given privilege of down votes and flags.They are only advised to use it properly.Don't Give down votes and flags just because there is an option to give it . Use it whenever you feel there is something insulting in the post**
    *** Don't just copy paste articles from other sites . always provide the links or mention the source . Otherwise we may be violated under plagiarism ( Try to post articles from reliable sites)**
    *** Always make sure you mention the source of an image whenever you post one to avoid copyright issues .**
    *** Please do not spam the forum with same post several times**
    *** Users are requested to increase their accept rate (choosing best answer for their own questions). Accept rate should be kept at least 60%.**
    *** Always make sure sure when you paste video link it should be of reliable sites likes YouTube and audio links should be of Saavn, etc.**
    *** Turn off your caps lock whenever you post something . Use uppercase alphabets whenever it is necessary. Don't make the whole sentence in Block letters .**
    *** If any user is found creating fake accounts to post unnecessary stuffs or just to create fights or just to up vote his own posts then the account will be blocked plus there will be a deduct of 1000 points from the main account.**
    ----------------------------- > If you have a problem or complaint or you feel that you are being insulted then you can post in chat room can directly contact any member from the Administrative panel Here Here

    > The administrative Panel deserve the rights to Warn and Ban and their decision is final. Once a Users Receives 4 warning the moderators have the right to Ban and there will be a deduct of 2000 points . If the user violates the rules Even after a temporary ban the the mods and Admin may ban him permanently! .

  • How does point system work?
  • Points System

    Posting a Question : 20 points
    Selecting an answer for your question: 15 points
    Per up vote on your question: 4 points
    Per down vote on your question: -4 points
    Posting an answer: 6 points
    Having your answer selected as the best: 50 points
    Per up vote on your answer: 4 points
    Per down vote on your answer: –4 points
    Voting up a question: 2 points
    Voting down a question: -2 points
    Voting up an answer: 2 points
    Voting down an answer: -2 points

    Correct or Most Accurate Box Office Predictions For Movies Releasing Every Week - 100-2000 points per predictions per
    Best Review Of Movie Released that Week - 200-2000 Points
    Plus extra points of quizzes and contests - varies (50-1000)


    0 - 1999 Points -> Newbie
    2000 - 4999 Points -> Beginner
    5000 - 9999 -> Proficient Movie Lover
    10,000 - 18,999 -> Movie Buff
    19,000 - 34,999 -> Dedicated Movie Follower
    35,000 - 49,999 -> Movie Expert
    50,000 -2,99,999 -> Master Of Movies
    3,00,000 and above -> The Movie Conqueror
  • What if Someone is Abusing me in Posts.
  • Just contact any member from the Administrative Panel Here and He will take the required action. Dont involve yourself into filthy activities by replying in cuss words.
  • How do I know if a user is warned or banned?
  • There is always an announcement made if an User is given a warning or faced a ban.However you can always check it here.This post is only edited by Mods and Admin WARNED AND BANNED USERS
  • When are the contests held, how do i particulate and how do i know the Teams?
  • Again there are announcements made whenever Moviehome contests are going to be held. You can enroll yourself then only. You can check the Teams of Previous Season Here TEAMS OF MOVIEHOME CONTEST SEASON 4
  • Can I Follow Moviehome In Social Media or Give Feedbacks?
  • Yes You Can Like Our Facebook Page Or Follow Our Twitter Account Or You can fill the Feedback Form here

    If there is anything lacking, please use the feedback form.