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Best Bollywood Album Match 11 -> Best of 2011 [poll] [closed]

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Winner of 2010 - My Name Is Khan

Bodyguard (5 votes, 33%)
Rockstar (9 votes, 60%)
Murder 2 (1 vote, 7%)
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (0 votes)
Poll closed
closed with the note: Rockstar Wins
asked Mar 19 by Sammy Master of Movies (288,528 points)
49% Accept Rate

closed Mar 20 by Sammy
neck to neck competition wid rockstan n bodyguard . lets c who wins finally .
Yeh lallutards ka spamming shuru.......
Closed krdo Bhai aur kitna criminal fans ki insult kroge.

5 Answers

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Best answer
Instead of body guard ra one would have been a better choice...anyways rockstar wins this round with ease....Though aye khuda from murder is my fav song of 2011 along with nadaan parindey but the overall album of rockstar is better than murder 2...
answered Mar 19 by SRKROCKZ Master of Movies (108,198 points)
selected Mar 25 by Sammy
Rockstar will anyway win, so thoda sallu fans ko compensation de diya!!! btw ya Aye khuda is one of my fav songs of all time.Just love it
Lallu fans expect teu teu teu teu to win over rockstar..... even murder 2 ra one are better lekin yeh bat unki khopdi mein kaun daale...
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Rockstar probably finest album of this decade.  Others are not even close to this epic album.
answered Mar 19 by Ethan Master of Movies (174,337 points)
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Rockstar...Nadaan parindey is my favrt song.
answered Mar 19 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (737,887 points)
edited Mar 19 by Jethalal
Its Parindey Not Darinda
i know its not Darinda..mne js k liye kha h wh khud aenge
Dekh Sammy Kya bola tha mne wh khud aenge.hahaha.
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teri meri beatz any song . so my vote to bodyguard
answered Mar 19 by Jethalal The Movie Conqueror (304,566 points)
humko pyaar hua from ready iz another gem of a song
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Saadda haq aithe rakhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
answered Mar 19 by Mr. 9 The Movie Conqueror (625,245 points)
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