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Winners Of Question 3

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Jethalal - 10 Correct ( 5000 Points)
Bollywood Updates - 10 Correct ( 5000 Points)
Tiger - 10 Correct ( 5000 Points)


Deadly Dynamites Reloaded - 2000 Points
Warriors -2000 Points

asked Mar 18 by The_Admin Master of Movies (123,971 points)

4 Answers

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Ha ha Silent sours ki band bajgayi Kidar hai Jahil
answered Mar 18 by Tiger The Movie Conqueror (485,918 points)
he he he
Superb Jethlal Bro Congrats
Gaypanti fir se chalu...
Jethelal ab dekh apne bile ko kse gaaliyan Bak rha h.ab le na action ab andha ban Gaya Kya.
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as i had said earlier ddr ko harana mushki hi nahi namumkin hai .
answered Mar 18 by Jethalal The Movie Conqueror (303,822 points)
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Last question was just about google search...I hope tomorrow there are more question like First question that challenges one's cinema knowledge..So that illiterate sallu fans cant even answer one correctly.
answered Mar 18 by Mr. 9 The Movie Conqueror (624,945 points)
Ha ha Haar reasons shuru hogaye kyun tere net kharab hogaya tha Kya
Net kharab nahi..I was busy in some other work so got late. But I had also sent 10 correct answers...
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Very Nice Bollywood Updates For Gearing Things up Now it is upto Lord Shamitabh to finish things on a high.
answered Mar 19 by Shamitabh Dedicated Movie Follower (24,530 points)