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Shahrukh Khan Movies that we could watch on repeat!

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No Swades Or KHKN In The List...sad

It comes as no surprise to us when film critics, audiences and all of modern-day social media consider Shahrukh Khan movies and his works and hail him as the uncrowned King of Indian cinema. And why shouldn’t they? There has been no actor quite like him. Shahrukh Khan movies have successfully conquered multiple genres – be it comedy, drama or his classic hand-flailing-lover-boy style, the mega star perfectly melts into every mold cut out for him.

Unlike a lot of fan clubs today, the fans and critics of Shahrukh Khan movies don’t follow and appreciate him without reason. The star has delivered hits time and again. Adding to that, his charming personality and sensational sense of humor gives us reason to love him more.

As self-proclaimed fanatics of Shahrukh Khan movies, we believe there’s never a wrong time to appreciate the mega star and the great exploits he has achieved in this great big world called Bollywood.

Here are our Top 5 five most-loved Shahrukh Khan Movies:


The 1993 horror/thriller film was number 9 on Shahrukh Khan ’s movies list in his second year in Bollywood – talk about a fast-paced actor! His role in Darr is perhaps one of the very first villainous roles that won the hearts of the audience. I think we can safely call SRK the Heath Ledger of B-town after his portrayal of Rahul Mehra in Darr.


This film definitely got everyone raging thanks to the Salman Khan-Shahrukh Khan combo and all the family feels it brought with it. The film has all the over-dosed typical Bollywood drama with rebirths, ma ka pyaar and all the trappings of a successful Bollywood film – we’re all secretly hoping for a remake of this epic family drama to add to Shahrukh Khan ‘s movies!


Admit it, Raj has managed to make us all wish we met a stranger on a euro trip! The kind who swept us off our feet and then broke the forcefully arranged marriage, dramatically swooping us away towards a Happily Ever After. DDLJ was our very own desi version of a fairytale with Shahrukh Khan as the ideal prince charming.


I won’t be lying if I said I wanted to join the Indian Hockey team after watching Shahrukh Khan train the Chak De girls with so much vigor and dedication. This film saw a whole new intense side to him. The lover boy was locked in the back room and SRK emerged as an intense character that moved us to tears with his patriotism!

Shahrukh Khan movies have been a hit after hit, and even though this list doesn’t do justice to the greatness the star has brought to Bollywood, we can’t help but mention his stellar performance in the Karan Johar directorial, My Name is Khan. It takes some special kind of talent to play the role of an autistic individual and SRK is overflowing with that talent.

Now with hits like Raees and Chennai Express stealing hearts, we can’t wait to see how Shahrukh continues to sweep us off our feet with his next, Rehnuma.

asked Mar 9 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (733,573 points)

2 Answers

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Best answer
Kal ho na ho
Dil se
Chakde India
Chennai Express
Kuch kuch hota hai
My name is Khan
Main hoon na

All of Them for me.
answered Mar 9 by DonSrk77 Master of Movies (147,868 points)
selected May 21 by Legend Khan
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I agree with Karan Arjun and DDLJ.Have watched it so many times.KKHH too.
answered Mar 9 by Baadshah Master of Movies (234,193 points)