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5 Bollywood Films That Were Supposed To Have A Different Ending!

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There are a lot of changes that happen in a film while it is being made and all the original ideas that are in the script might not be there when we see it in the theatres. With the film makers continuously innovating on the project, there have been a few Bollywood films that we love so much that were not originally supposed to end the way they did. For better or for worse the ending we saw in the cinema halls were not a part of the original script and if that had happened here’s what they films would have ended like –

Sholay – This 1975 Bollywood classic has been celebrated over so many years and still we just cannot get enough of it. In the film that we saw, Gabbar is defeated and handed over to the police and everyone lives happily ever after. Butin the original ending that was shot by Ramesh Sippy, Gabbar is supposed to be killed by Thakur and also had some extra violent scenes. The violence never went down well with the censor board and Ramesh Sippy had to re shoot the ending which led to one that we saw in the movie.

The original ending however was released 15 years later in 1990 when the unedited VHS tape of the film came out.

Aankhen – The 2002 thriller had a great plot, some incredible performances and two different endings! We all saw the ending where Amitabh Bachchan (Vijay Singh Rajput) confesses his crime and lands up in jail and Akshay Kumar and Arjun Rampal (Vishwas and Arjun) decide to take care of Rahul (Sushmita Sen’s younger brother in the film) and also find the missing jewels. But this not how the makers intended to end the film, they had an alternate ending where Rajupt bribes the police and escapes and Vishwas and Arjun are sitting in a train ready to leave the town. Rajput comes to the platform and declares ‘a dangerous game is about to begin’ and the two blind guys draw out their guns pointing it to him. The alternate ending was released internationally which the ‘good over evil’ ending prevailed in India.

Source: ibnlive

PK – We loved the feel good and eye opening film about a good hearted alien who gets lost on earth and is trying to find his way back to his own planet. While there was lot to be learnt from the film, PK returning to Earth with a friend from his own planet wasn’t the ending that was planned by the makers. In an interview director Vidhu Vinod Chopra shared how he intended for the film to end and why he changed it.“Actually initially we shot for PK with a different end. Originally PK was supposed to end with Jaggu and Sarfaraaz remembering PK by doing the Battery Recharge Dance. However when we had a couple of test screenings, we got the opinion that everyone wanted to see Aamir back on earth and move out with a smile on their faces. And of course there was a scope to come up with that ending as PK can return to earth any time. So we decided to reshoot the end of the film and come up with the ending you saw in the film.”

Delhi 6 – In the ending of the film we see that Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan) dons the avatar of the infamous Kala Bandar and prevents Bittu (Sonam Kapoor) from eloping with a low life photographer that she was dating. He confesses his love for her and all too soon is attacked by the town folks who mistake him to be the kala bandar and he is left severally injured but finally survives. In Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s original idea of the ending, Roshan was supposed to die. He even screened the movie with this alternate ending to the National Awards committee and planned to release it worldwide with it!

Source: buzzintown

Pink – The 2016 fierce court room drama was a compelling watch and the story of justice in favor of women who were compelled and harassed by a bunch of guys. The story was thought provoking and opened up our minds to prejudices against women and their life choices, it ended with the three girls getting the justice they deserved and the guys losing out. But according to Tappsee Panuu that is not how the writer had intended for the film to end. The film originally had a shocking end and would certainly have not gone down well with the audiences. In the alternate ending, the girls lose the case the guys win it despite all the odds suggested by the evidences!

asked Feb 26 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (738,380 points)

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I have seen both the endings of Aankhen and the one where BIg B comes back is better, PK endings sounds better than it was intended at the first place
answered Feb 26 by Sammy Master of Movies (288,562 points)
selected May 24 by Legend Khan