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Rangoon Has Very Poor Start. boi

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Rangoon has taken a very poor start of around 10-15% on the morning shows. It was not expected to start well as these sorts find it tough and on top there is a director like Vishal Bharadwaj where the youth audience in big cities is aware what sort of cinema he makes (smaller centres and single screens audience are probably not aware but the film is not for them anyway) and on top a cast like Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranuat and Saif Ali Khan who need far better promos and music to bring in an audience as even combined the box office clout is limited. Still even allowing for this the opening is even lower than what one would have expected.



There is a holiday for Mahashivratri in parts of the country and that may help collections somewhat and with such a low start and on top a film which is not really for the morning audience the collections are going to improve as the day goes along but the fear is if the improvement if the expected improvement does not come then the first day may turn out to be a bit of a shocker. The film has to reach double digits on Saturday or Sunday (preferably Saturday) but that looks very on this opening.


The other films released this Friday 9' O Clock, Mona Darling and Wedding Anniversary have gone the way as these non awareness film nearly always go and that is zero audience.

asked Feb 24 by Jethalal The Movie Conqueror (304,776 points)

2 Answers

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Best answer
It has flop written all over it.
answered Feb 24 by Baadshah Master of Movies (235,303 points)
selected Mar 19 by Jethalal
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this was expected after such poor trailer and promos !!!
answered Feb 24 by Sammy Master of Movies (288,658 points)