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Shah Rukh Khan hopes fans in Egypt, Jordan enjoy Raees

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After setting records and witnessing huge success at the Indian box office and a few overseas markets, Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Raees made its way to theatres of Egypt and Jordan on Wednesday. The star took to Twitter to express his gratitude and joy. He wrote, "'Raees' releases in Egypt and Jordan today. Hope you all enjoy it, and thanks for watching Indian films. My love to you all."

SRK enjoys a huge fan following in the middle-eastern countries. For his fans, he had also released an Arabic version of his famous song 'Jabra Fan' from his film Fan. In December last year, SRK associated with Dubai Tourism to promote the city. He also featured in a promotional film called 'Experiencing Dubai'.

Raees, directed by Rahul Dholakia, is about a Muslim bootlegger in Gujarat. Also starring Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, the movie opened in India to a largely positive response.

The actor, who recently celebrated his 25 years in the industry, has never shied away from stardom and embraces the excitement around him, from India to the Middle East to Americas and the Far East.

asked Feb 23 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (738,376 points)

1 Answer

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They will not enjoy. Overseas fans want SRK to do romance only..
answered Feb 23 by Mr. 9 The Movie Conqueror (625,245 points)
selected May 22 by Legend Khan
han ye b bat sahi khi.