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6 films with an important social message that left an ever-lasting impact

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It is a known fact that Bollywood has played a major role in influencing the mind-set of people. It takes a lot of work and research to be able to understand the problems that are faced by the common man in his day-to-day life. While Bollywood has successfully taught us how to deal with our love lives or family, it is taking baby steps towards making a change in the society. Stressing upon the social issues that are bothersome to many but failing to find a solution for such issues, the common man chooses to give up. Here are a list of films that focus on social issues and luckily for us, they also help us to find the right way to overcome these problems -

  1. Pink

Just because a woman wears clothes that reveal a little bit of skin, just because she goes out to party at night, just because she has a mind of her own, just because she chooses to get drunk once in a while does not give any man the consent to take advantage of her. The film, rightly stresses on the fact that ‘No, means No’. Even if it’s a prostitute but you do not have her consent, nobody gives you the right to take advantage of physical strength and overpower her by crossing your limits.

  1. Udta Punjab

You think drug addiction is ‘cool’? You think you’re in a happy place as soon as you snort a little cocaine? Well, no! This might be the case when you’re in the moment but you have no idea how majorly you are affecting your body. Also, famous rockstars, rappers, who sing the names of the most harmful drugs are only making these things commercially big, making the youth think that it’s the ‘new cool’. This needs to stop and the film successfully left an impact on the minds of the people, also giving us a solution to how to deal with such serious problems.

  1. Mardaani

Human-trafficking is one of the worst practices that take place in our country and though number of times, we’ve seen movies and documentaries on the same, there are hardly any actions taken towards the people who abduct little children and force them to indulge into something that is not only harmful for their bodies but also leaves them in a trauma throughout their lives. Well, in this movie a lady cop (Rani Mukerji) after a lot of planning and plotting finds the man who is responsible for the crime and makes the victims beat him up to death.

  1. PK

Discrimination on the basis of cast, creed, colour and religion is not new to us and though we know how wrong it is to live by these old norms of the society, we have learnt to live with them. But imagine how this cruel world would seem to an outsider, to a new-born baby or in this case, to an Alien. PK seems to enjoy his life in India until he realises that nobody could help him from fighting against those, who are corrupt in the name of religion. And surprisingly, these self-proclaimed ‘Messengers of God’ even manage to fool a population of billions.

  1. Taare Zameen Par

We don’t think many people knew about the problem of ‘Dyslexia’ before Taare Zameen Par. The film had a message ‘every child is special’ which is something that every parent needs to know. Forcing knowledge on your child in a specific way that proved to be helpful to you might not be so easy for your child. Having ‘Dyslexia’ doesn’t make you abnormal, it just makes you different. A child doesn’t necessarily need to have great bookish knowledge, Ishaan Awasthi was a child who did not just repeat a few sentences over and over again just to pass the exam. He understood every alphabet, every number, every sentence and excelled at art.

  1. Swades

Electricity shortage is a common issue in rural areas and it tends to affect plenty of villagers and while the government claims to help them in every condition, they sometimes fail at it miserably. Mohan, a project manager at NASA visits an old village in search of his childhood care-taker only to be able to provide her with a better lifestyle in the US but he comes across a problem that has destroyed the life of Haridas, the fact that his life is already miserable and villagers have also denied water for his crops bothers Mohan. He then sets up a hydroelectric power generation facility from a nearby water source and after completing his project in NASA returns to the village and begins working at Vikram Sarabhai Space Center from where he also works with NASA.

Also, Irada an eco-thriller that is based on water contamination is going to hit the silver screens soon. The movie focuses on an issue that exists in our society but is hardly spoken about. Thanks to a few people in our country who aim at becoming the most powerful people in the world and tend to harm the society in the process, the industrial waste of their Industries have only made river water unsafe and unhygienic for the society. Imagine not having clean water to drink that counts as a basic requirement for a human body, well Arshad Warsi as a cop will come to your rescue on 17th February, 2017 in your nearest theatres.

asked Feb 14 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (738,380 points)

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