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Akshay Kumar credits his success to director Priyadarshan

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Akshay Kumar who has completed more than two decades in Bollywood has come a long way from being an 'action hero' to experimenting with a variety of genres. The 'Jolly LLB 2' actor, in a recent interview revealed that he "credits this to director Priyadarshan."

Akshay said, "When I started my career, for about 8-10 years, I just kept doing action films. No one would consider me if it was a role other than action and that got to me." Akshay said, that at this point he questioned himself if he would only be known for "two kicks and few punches" all his life?

He added, "I learnt that you cannot stick to one image, you need to experiment. I decided that I have to do something different and I spoke to Priyadarshan. He believed in me and thought I could do comedy. That man is brilliant. He has made 74 films, including Malayalam and Hindi films, out of which he's had 68 hits. He makes the film in 30-40 days. Isn't he a genius?"

asked Jan 28 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,567 points)

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