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Salman Khan Is Not Happy With Tubelight; Asked Shahrukh Khan To Do A Special Role.HAHHAHA Non Actor Ko Ab Actor Ka Sahara.

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Salman Khan Is Not Happy With Tubelight; Asked Shahrukh Khan To Do A Special Role

10 years ago, Salman Khan did a cameo for Shahrukh Khan in the movie Om Shanti Om (remember the title song of the movie?). Now the duo is all set to unite again! Yes, you read it right! Shahrukh Khan will have a special cameo in Salman Khan's Tubelight. According to Bollywood Life Salman Khan is not happy with the way Tubelight is shaping up and hence has asked his buddy to step in. Read more about it below.

Salman Isn't Pleased With Kabir's Tubelight A source told Bollywood Life, ''Salman Khan isn't too pleased with Kabir Khan's Tubelight and hence decided to bring his buddy Shahrukh Khan on board for a special role in the movie.''

Not Shahrukh But This Actor Was Supposed To Do The Special Role The source further added, ''Shatrughan Sinha was supposed to this cameo initially, however Salman insisted that his friend be roped in. So now it's final that Shahrukh is going to be a part of Salman Khan's Tubelight and we will only have to wait for an official announcement from the team itself.''

All Is Not Well Between Salman Khan & Kabir Khan A few days ago, it was reported that a big fight between Salman Khan and Kabir Khan took place on the sets of Tubelight, when they were shooting in Manali. Though Kabir denied it, Salman Khan chose to remain silent.

What's The Reason Behind This Fight? According to the reports, Salman Khan was unimpressed with Kabir Khan's climax scene and told Kabir to re-shoot certain scenes from the movie. Apparently, Salman Khan even suggested that Kabir Khan should recreate Manali in Mumbai.

Those who have come late, Salman Khan's Tubelight is based on the backdrop of the 1962 Indo-China War and the plot revolves around an Indian soldier falling in love with a Chinese girl played by Zhu Zhu. The film also features Khan's younger brother Sohail in a prominent role.

asked Jan 11 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (738,497 points)
edited Jan 11 by Legend Khan
No doubt why lallu requested by falling near the feet of both KING KHAN and Aamir Khan to promote the posters of bb.but bb saved by Harshali Poti.amd after that in lultan got free publicity by the name of RAEES ,then also bhabijaan used KING KHAN'S NAME in lultan to bring audience in theatre.

But this time neither Harshali is there nor KING KHAN'S lallu wants directly KING KHAN to save his back and to target pk,forget DANGAL,which is out of reach,even though pk is out of reach of bhabijaan,rofl.

Poor bhabijaan and poor bhabitards,g getting so much huge holidays.still all records are remains safe.meanwhile whenever MEGASTARS like  KING KHAN and Aamir Khan Arrives,THEY thrashed all records.that's the difference between MEGASTARS and 2009 born decade struggling disaster/flop star lallu bhabijaan,rofl.
SRK Ka sahaara lekar bhi Dangal Ka record Nai Tod Paega Ye Non Actor.
Story aur ACTING mein dum hona chahiye LEGENDARY RECORD BREAKING movies dene ke liye.Harsahli thaa jo bacha Liya last time.

Even though KING KHAN will come ,still this movie can't cross even pk,forget Dangal ,because this non actor is enough to ruin the movie alone, he is undoubtedly remain recordless forever.THIS IS THE TRUTH.
dangal ko cross krna non actor k bs ki bat nai..pehle ye lukha pk ka rcrd to tode.dangal ye puri life nai tod paega.inshallah

4 Answers

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Nothing new to SRK. He gave flop sallu a sidekick role in his ATBB Kuch kuch hota hai in 1998. Then in 2000, he did a cameo in Har dil jo pyaar karega and made it a success. Sallu wanted SRK to do a cameo in his disaster MAMK too but SRK refused & result is well known.
answered Jan 11 by Mr. 9 The Movie Conqueror (625,245 points)
selected Feb 6 by Legend Khan
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kingu ko bhai ka sahara.buahahahaj
answered Jan 11 by Bollyfun Master of Movies (75,351 points)
ha ha ha ha,bheekmanga Khan 's fan is crying,rofl.
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Bollywood King Salman Khan don't like to stay in debts .Bhai's appearance earned extra bucks in OSO ,now he wants Srk to make an appearance and repay him. sadly that's not gonna happen because our gigastar King are not even treated properly by US securities. We just hope that it somehow reboosts our Gigastar's career.
answered Jan 11 by King Tiger Beginner (2,342 points)
Ha ha ha ha,who are detaining us airport are bigger star than the stars who spends nights in tihar and jodhpur jail.

And no doubt in last 2 decades microstar lallu saved his career by doing side role in KING KHAN'S MOVIES.

And just a  face of showing lallu if can gain money in OSO ,so as sultan becomes blockbuster by taking KING KHAN'S Name.

And jo khud recordless hain woh dusron ka career Kya sudhrega,rofl.ek ATHG ke liye 22 saal taras gaya Hain beechara.

ONE BIG HOLIDAY OF KING KHAN,AND ALL RECORDS WILL BE BLOWN.THAT'S MEGASTAR and the microstar lallu will always struggling till his retirement,rofl.
You Seem a frustrated kid ....who has lost his mind after b2b failures of gigastar....aur gigastar kya contribution Dega...khud solo holiday me 100 cr nehi de pata..Hahaha....aisa stardom Sirf maratha mandir me hi chalta
Ha ha ha ha,frsutarted are those morons whose stars with big holidays with free run too can't able to give a single record and keep chasing MEGASTAR'S SUCCESS.there's comes frustration.

but see lallu's back to back grand success

2001-2004----9 back to back disasters/flops
2004-2007----8 back to back disasters/flops
2007-2009----4 back to back disasters/flops
2009-2010----3 back to back disasters/flops

Ha ha ha Ha,this is called real frustration along with 22 years of RECORD BREAKING STRUGGLING even during so called golden period ,rofl.

And what you called?back to back failures?????

in low phase of KING KHAN'S CAREER





FAN----1st flop after LONG 12 YEARS in lead given by KING KHAN,in between those 12 YEARS,lallu would have given at least 14 flops,rofl.

This is the difference between MEGASTAR and 2009 born decade struggling disaster/microstar,ha ha ha ha.

FAN was a completely a non holiday release with no songs+no heroine+offbeat entertainment less genre and released in IPL season ,the biggest dangerous period.

If lallu was in FAN,it wouldn't have open beyond 8cr and couldn't have surpass even 40cr lifetime,rofl.

Still FAN'S WW>>>>>>>ready's ww,jai ho's ww.

And this decade's most shameless biggest lowest grossing disaster/ flop given by non other than our 2009 born decade struggling microstar salman given 37cr disaster veer in 2010 republic holiday.such a shameful stardom our bhabijaan has,rofl.
8 Years since last HGOTY
16 Years Since Last ATBb
0 HGOTD...
0 Films in Top 5 Grossers Of All Time...King Gigastar For you.

I explained Gigastar in few lines you wrote paragraph for it...Yet mine is more impactful.islie kehte hai keep it small and simple....Samjha..agli baar panga mat lena
KING KHAN HAS ----2 ATHG(RNBDJ,CE)(3 according to Taran Adarsh----OSO)

lallu has ----1(that also due to supporting role in a family member movie)

Ha ha ha ha.

So why don't WE can clear the confusion by comparing the list FROM 1992-2016 KING KHAN VS salman in OPENING as well as HIGHEST GROSSER.

1992—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>salman
1993—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>salman
1994—salman>>>>>>>>>>>>>KING SRK
1995—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
1996—salman>>>>KING SRK
1997—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
1998—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
1999—salaman>>>>>KING SRK
2000—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
2001—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
2002—–KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
2003—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
2004—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
2005—-salman>>>>>>>>KING SRK
2006—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
2007—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
2008—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
2009—-KING KHAN has no films.
2010—-salamn>>>>>>KING KHAN
2011—-salman>>>>>>KING KHAN
2012—salman>>>>>>KING KHAN
2013—salman has no films.
2014—-salman>KING SRK
2015—-salman>>>>>>KING SRK
2016—-salman>KING SRK.

in 25 years long career (1992-2016)—-


Means KING SRK remained 4 AHEAD of salman.



1992----KING KHAN>>>>>sallu
1993----KING KHAN>>>>>sallu
1994----KING KHAN>>>>>sallu
1995----KING KHAN>>>>>>>sallu
1996----sallu>>>>>KING KHAN
1997----KING KHAN>>>>>>sallu
1998----KING KHAN>>>>>>>sallu
1999----sallu>>>>KING KHAN
2000----KING KHAN>>>>>>sallu
2001----KING KHAN>>>>>>>>sallu
2002----KING KHAN>>>>>>sallu
2003----KING KHAN>>>>>>sallu
2004----KING KHAN>>>>>>>sallu
2005----sallu>>>>>>KING KHAN
2006----KING KHAN>>>>>>sallu
2007----KING KHAN>>>>>>sallu
2008----KING KHAN>>>>>>>sallu
2009----KING KHAN has no films
2010----sallu>>>>>KING KHAN
2011----sallu>>>>>KING KHAN
2012----sallu>>>>>>KING KHAN
2013----sallu has no films
2014----KING KHAN>>>>>>sallu
2015----sallu>>>>>KING KHAN
2016----sallu>>>>>>>KING KHAN

Over sallu only 9 times

Ha ha ha Ha.ghanta stardom,rofl.

In short aukat dikha do teri lallu ki entire career ki.

hgoty,phd,langoty ke peeche chupnewala waale 2009 born flopstar ki fan,in 28 years of career of lallu,gave only one record breaking film that also in supporting role.

Ab aise hgoty,langoty hone se bhi Kya fayda jo ki ek record breaking film dene ke liye 22 saal tak taras gaya Hain,rofl.

BAAP se mat lena panga
Warna hota rahega tu aur tera star isi tarah hamesha nanga,ha ha ha ha,rofl.
No one is bothered about you fantasize..Keep living in the 1990s.This is real world where King Gigastar can't even deliver a solo 100 cr on a
Abey ANDHE,I compared the record of all-time not only past/present,ha ha ha ha insecure.

Ha ha ha Ha,no one too bother about what you're ALL OF WE including lallutards Tok knew bhabijaan in her golden era can't give a single rwcord BREKAING following film.meanwhile KING KHAN and Aamir already gave.

Even in this decade too,KING KHAN crossed 200CR before lallu,ha ha ha ha.

In this decade only KING KHAN ,surpassed 100CR 4 TIMES,200CR  TWICE.

So see your Bhojpuri logic.

Btw that' another thing bhabi has lowest grosser of the decade on holiday----37cr disaster veer,rofl.
All time records for you

8 Years since last HGOTY
16 Years Since Last ATBb
0 HGOTD...
0 Films in Top 5 Grossers Of All Time...King Gigastar For you.

Again I explained in few lines and you took  a whole paragraph and who are you referring as Andhe, bhabhi...This is fan war aukad sE baat kar
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lookz fake article to gain some traffic .
answered Jan 11 by Jethalal The Movie Conqueror (304,652 points)
abe kute ki dum tuge kitni bar bola h mre post ko edit mt kiya kr.gadhe ka dimag h kiya tugme..
jo b lallu ki maren to wh fake artical h..rikshwale fans.