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Sanjay Dutt’s Bhoomi to clash with Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar.Sanjay will not only take on Aamir Khan but Shah Rukh Khan as well..LOL

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Sanjay Dutt is returning to the big screen with Omung Kumar’s Bhoomi. The film will release on August 4 , 2017. The first look poster is pretty impressive we must say. But it’s the release date which is making us apprehensive about the film’s future. First it will take on Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar on the same day and then in the coming week, it will have to fight for space with Shah Rukh Khan‘s The Ring (August 11) and might get affected by it.

There is a reason to be slightly concerned here as the actor is returning to cinema after 2 years. His last release was Aamir Khan’s P.K. Dutt went back to jail to finish his sentence and this year, walked out a free man. Except for P.K., none of the films that he did before going to jail made any mark. Cases in point were Zanjeer, Policegiri and Ungli. So, Bhoomi should release solo to cash in. But Secret Superstar’s presence on the same date will spoil the fun for sure. You might argue that Aamir will only be seen in a cameo in the film but what you are forgetting is, he is the producer of the film. We all know how aggressively he promoted Delhi Belly and turned it into a hit. He wouldn’t leave any stone unturned for the same.

Plus, Shah Rukh Khan’s The Ring is one of the most anticipated films of 2017. We have just seen the first poster of the film and it is yet to get a confirmed title but it already has a deafening buzz around it. Plus it’s an Independence Day release of next year which will help it win more. Clearly, people will be waiting for this film.

Hence, Bhoomi will have to pack a lot than just Sanjay Dutt to sail it through. But then we saw how good content won over all odds in 2016 and if Bhoomi manages to be content rich, there will be no-stopping this film. Even Aamir won’t be able to mire its fortunes!

enter image description here

Check out Bhoomi first look.

enter image description here

asked Dec 9, 2016 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (737,634 points)

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