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Risk-Taking is Yet Another Smokescreen to Cover-Up SRK's Recent Debacle

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Recently, a website called BollywoodLife known for being PR Agent and posting rumors has posted an article in comparison of SRK with Salman and on why SRK does risky films and is beyond the Box Office.

The whole points in the article are
1- SRK takes risks and Salman doesn't.
2- And SRK is beyond Box Office.

OK. Let me give you my take on it.
There is a stream with strong and deadly currents; and crocodiles. And there is a small bridge which could be used to cross the stream.
Even if he survives, he wastes his energy and time.

Just because the person 'A' wants to show off that he takes risks, he jumps into the stream and started swimming across it.
So, there are two probabilities: he will either die survive.

Meanwhile, the person 'B' wants to play safe and doesn't want to risk his life (because there is an option for what he wants to do). So, he uses the bridge and cross the river.
So, he is certain that he will survive.
He saves energy, time and reaches to his goal faster.

Therefore, the person A in the case is SRK, while the person B is Salman Khan.

And whom does one should dumb, whom not, of the two persons in the case. You decide.

One should take RISKs in his/her life when there is no option. When there are options, use the better and safer options.

What do you call a person who risks his life/or even hard earned stardom taking unnecessary risks? A dumbass, nothing else!

Coming back to the points, what are those real risks SRK has taken in his career? What are those risks that you are hyping about?

Throughout his career, with fewfilms like KHKN, Dil Se, Swades, Chakde etc here and there, he has only played a hardcore melodramatic romantic movies (produced by YRF and Sharmao), which only the Punjabi aunties and some NRIs were crazy about.

Off late, among his contemporaries, he is the worst actor to have been worst movies like Ra.One, CE, HNY, Dilwale, FAN etc. What are those risks that you are so hyping about?

He is yet to play a full-fledged comedy like AAA, Hera Pheri or Partner. He is yet to play a full-fledged action movies like Ghajini, Wanted, Waqt Humara Hai, Jigar. He is yet to a full-fledged family dramas like HSSH, HAHK, PRDP etc.
He is yet to don a police uniform and a full-fledged police role.

And you talk about taking risks and playing different genres! Baat karta hai!

Salman has played different kinds of films in his career except for the negative roles (which he doesn't want to play) or intense romantic drama (even then, he proves you wrong with Tere Naam).

In 90s, he did family dramas, romantic films, comedies and actions (as well).
And in 2000s, mostly comedies. Post Wanted to till Kick, he did actions and Se stylish action thrillers.
When he felt this genre was about to die, he swiftly moved to making highly acclaimed social dramas like Bajrangi and sports based romantic drama like Sultan. And remember his next is TUBELIGHT.

When a highly hatke films (with respect to the time it was made) like Bajranji Bhaijaan earned immensely critical acclaims and 300 Crores at the Box Office, you don't call it an OFF-BEAT film (which actually it was). But when a hatke film (based on hero-fan relationship) badly flops at the BO but only earns critical acclaims, you suddenly calling it an OFF-BEAT film to save the ass of the hero whose film flopped.

This is one of various excuses you, SRK PRs and apologists, come up when his bad films fail to perform. That's exactly when you start hyping about taking risks and playing safe in full swing.
But to your dismay, that doesn't save the ass of your king at the BO. It is about a face-saving attempt of your king among learned audiences.

Yes, if SRK doesn't really need to care about the BO performances his films and is really beyond the BO, ASK him to NOT give troubles to the other filmmakers like SLB, Rakesh Roshan/Kaabil team and the team of the Crack.
ASK him to make arts films and documentaries and release on any day without caring about the release date. You know there are 365 days in a year.
But no, Grapes are sour to those who can't get them. And yes, BO performances of SRK's films are unimportant because he cant manage to get huge grossers.

When it comes to acting prowess, (the media and PR savvy) SRK is highly overrated and Salman Khan is highly underrated.

For the sheer acting capability, I would at any time rate Ajay Devgn and Aamir Khan over both SRK and Salman. I will rate Akshay Kumar equal to Salman Khan.
And I won't rate SRK at all. That's the job of the PR Agents and their paid Opion pieces.

And last but not the least, Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgn are the real ones that try to make different films from time to time. Go through their filmographies.

And for Salman Khan, he is a megastar and the darling of the masses and classes of all age groups. Let him make the films what they want from him, irrespective to the opinions of the critics or PR agents.

asked Aug 28, 2016 by Anand_The Original Newbie (125 points)
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3 Answers

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SRK has proven his versatility more than Salman did dude i dnt like keep repeating things. If you consider
 HSSH, HAHK a family drama and K3G not then you need treatment..SRK has played A tapori in Josh,Shakti. Same way he has starred in Action-thrillers like DOn,Don2. The Negative characters in Darr/ Baazigar/ Anjaam are landmark roles. Tell me when Salman played such roles with negative shades on it . SRK played a cop too in One,two ka four or a army officer in MHN. If u cnt digest the fact that SRK is more versatile than Salman then i have no choice  left Mr.Original.

And Yaa DDLJ is liked by Punjabi Aunties only thats why it is still the longest running movie in history.If Salman is so versatile why did he rejected CDI at first place. ?
answered Aug 28, 2016 by Sammy Master of Movies (288,514 points)
edited Aug 28, 2016 by Sammy
Lol. Just read what piece of shit anand wrote. I must say we have got so many dumb lallutards here now. Bajaj & slummyfun were enough.
He thinks writing long paragraph will be considered a form of art !! hahaaa
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answered Aug 28, 2016 by Bhaijaan The Movie Conqueror (430,466 points)
very good u sudnt
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epic reply Anand dear..tune to pura bl walon ka balatkar krdya.
answered Aug 28, 2016 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (737,634 points)
I can bet my ass tune pura parha bi rehi !!!
aur parha bhi hoga toh adhi english tere jaise unpardh ko samajh nehi ayegi. Illiterate porkistani.hhaahahaha
chal be deshdrohi fan.bhikari negro.her bar tri insult hoti phr b tu yhi kehta h once more once more.hahaahhaha.
downvotes diye means phati na tri.
 teer seedha nishane pe laga.hahahahahaha