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Varun Dhawan to embrace his ‘dark’ side in 'October'

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The last time Varun Dhawan played a dark character in Badlapur, it affected him emotionally and physically. It even impacted his relationship with his closest friends. Now, he is set to work in another dark film — Shoojit Sircar’s October. The actor and the director are collaborating for the first time, in a rather unusual story about love and relationships.

Another dark tale

Like Badlapur, October too promises to be a hard-hitting, gritty film. “Both these films might be in different spaces, but

October isn’t a light-hearted romantic film. It’s heartbreaking and dark, probably more niche than Badlapur,” informs a source from the team.

Sign an NDA

The whole team, including the film’s leading man Varun himself, had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). “Shoojit doesn’t want the story line of this film to be revealed before its release. He doesn’t want any leaks, which will spoil the surprise,” adds the source.

De-glam Varun

Varun won’t be seen playing the cool, urban metrosexual guy like he often does in films. “This film is dark and he won’t have any make-up. It’s going to be very real. It’s one of the things Varun likes about the film. Shoojit has designed his character really well,” concludes our source. Hopefully, this time, Varun won’t go into a dark space like last time.

How Badlapur affected Varun...

In an interview to this paper, while shooting Badlapur, Varun talked about how the role affected him, saying, “I got pushed to such an extent that I reached my breaking point. I had an emotional and physical breakdown while making this film. I remember in one scene with Nawaz where I was so mindf****d! We were shooting at 3 am, and I had to say some lines to him, and I repeated those dialogues to him 16 times in the take. I kept saying the same thing over and over, and I thought I said it only once. Sriram tried to get me to snap out of it. I have the whole thing on a CD that I have kept. It wasn’t acting anymore, something inside me had just twisted, it wasn’t Raghu, my character, but Varun who was reacting in that manner.”

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Another Earth Shattering Blockbuster On The Way.
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