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Julie 2 gets an A certificate, Pahlaj Nihalani says "It is a clean Adults film for adult members of a family"

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asked Sep 12 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,245 points)
Pahlaj Nihalani dropped a huge bomb when it was announced that he will be presenting the film Julie 2. The movie from its promotional packaging looks like a bold film, something of the sort that Pahlaj would have been reluctant to even pass during his tenure at CBFC as the chairperson. As per the latest news, CBFC, now led by Prasoon Joshi, has cleared the movie with an A certificate and ZERO cuts. It is sort of hard to digest Pahlaj Nihalani promoting a movie with A certificate? No?

Julie 2 is the sequel to 2004 movie, Julie that starred Neha Dhupia in the lead. The first movie made headlines for its bold kissing and lovemaking scenes (it was while promoting this movie, that Neha Dhupia had once said Only sex and Shah Rukh Khan sells! ). The sequel is being spearheaded by Southern siren Raai Laxmi. For those who don t know she is a popular actress down south who has done movies across the Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada industry. In the last ten years of her career she has acted in 50 films.

Talking to The Quint, Pahlaj said, This is just what I had hoped for. If I was still the CBFC chairperson, I d have given Julie 2 an Adults certificate with no cuts. It is a clean Adults film for adult members of a family. Though it s a film on an adult subject - the exploitation of strugglers and newcomers in Bollywood - the film has no nudity , no skin show, no double-meaning dialogues. Like I said it is a family film for adults and the CBFC has done the right thing.

Pahlaj, under whose regime CBFC has banned the word intercourse from a film and banned a whole film for being 'lady-oriented', also spoke about the eroticism factor of the film. "You all are looking at the film from the point of view of an erotic film. But every film has its own framework and its own ideas." he said.

1 Answer

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Haha. Now what to say.
answered Sep 13 by Prince Varun Master of Movies (60,639 points)
Clean adult film pahlaj pagal hgya h