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BOI: The Lowest Grossing DISASTERS - A Gentleman Sixth

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The way the Hindi film industry is faring at the moment it is looking that films are more likely to appear in charts where they dont want to be which is lowest grossing rather than highest grossing. A Gentleman has become the sixth lowest grossing film ever for films which in terms of budget plus promotion have cost over 50 crore. It is there with some legendary company which basically include the biggest disasters of all time. Broken Horses heads the list and it will be a mighty achievement by some other film to take the biggest disaster of all time status from this film, not just in the medium term but in history to come. Broken Horses has made this status its own and our bet is it will never let go. 


The director duo of A Gentleman have also set records by being in the list twice as A Gentleman and Happy Ending both come in the list. This also takes some doing as after giving a film like Happy Ending and having no successful film you don't get a chance with a big film but these guys somehow managed it with A Gentleman but it fared worse than Happy Ending. 


Even a Salman Khan starrer London Dreams comes up on the list but it was before his superstar days which started with Dabangg(2010) and the way things are going it won't be there forever as there will be some 50 crore plus budget film which will do less than 25 crore nett over the next few years. Below are the top ten lowest grossing films which have a cost (budget inc pa) of 50 crore or more.

1. Broken Horses (2015) - 45,75,000


2. Mirzya (2016) - 7,92,25,000


3. Zanjeer (2013)- 13,07,00,000


4. Tezz (2012) - 15,91,00,000


5. Fitoor (2016) - 16,85,75,000


6. A Gentleman (2017) - 18,00,00,000 (expected)


7. Rangoon (2017) - 20,87,00,000


8. Happy Ending (2014) - 22,31,25,000


9. Bombay Velvet (2015) - 22,80,25,000


10. London Dreams - (2010) - 25,69,25,000

asked Sep 12 by Prince Varun Master of Movies (60,639 points)

7 Answers

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Best answer
boi ki shamat ai hai
answered Sep 12 by Jethalal The Movie Conqueror (304,350 points)
selected 5 days ago by Prince Varun
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heres taklu kapoor in the list with a disaster of budget more than 100crs and some kids compared him with hr
answered Sep 12 by duggu ka ladla Newbie (443 points)
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where is RGV ki aag.?
answered Sep 12 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,245 points)
Aag had a budget of 20-25 crs !!
ok thnx
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So sallu wasn't a superstar b4 2010 even BOI admits that !!
answered Sep 12 by Sammy Master of Movies (287,565 points) 1 flag
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answered Sep 12 by Bhaijaan The Movie Conqueror (429,251 points)
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wasn't broken horses a hollywood movie ?...
answered Sep 13 by King_Khan Master of Movies (73,780 points)
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dhobighat kaha hai
answered 6 days ago by Suraj bhaijaan Dedicated Movie Follower (23,293 points)
Tm Autowale DG ki bt Mt kro art movie ka naam life me kbi tm ganwar fans ne suna hi nai h.rakshaw Chala shabash.
List me laashen bichane wli movie ko hna chahye Tha lkn Bhai ki apni website Bhai ki chaatne m busy h.
art ka nam mat le sale zandu balm
Art ka naam Mt lo hm Autowale h hme art ka Kya pta : bhaitards