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Post Your review For 'IT' / 'Poster Boys'/ 'Daddy' Here.

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asked Sep 7 by The_Admin Master of Movies (124,352 points)

1 Answer

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Stephen King's IT chapter One !!

Basically it is the first chapter of the IT story involving the Loser club gang on how they were haunted by the a supernatural clown named Pennywise and how they overcome their fear to kill the clown and stop him

What's Good

- Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise gives a solid performance
- Some scares
- The soundeffects
- Stephen King's creeps still alive

What's Bad
- Few over the top scenes
- Strong language which is completely different from the real IT story

If u r a fan of Horror, Stephen King's works or even have nostalgic memories of old IT then this is a must watch !!

answered Sep 8 by Sammy Master of Movies (287,565 points)
Nice review........I heard many +ve comments abt this movie..Kuch bahana sochkar dekhne jaana hoga...Lets see what happens..
zarur jao and IMO dont know about scares but as movie it is better than Anabelle : creation !!