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Post Your review For 'Baadshaho' / 'Shubh Mangal Saavdhan' Here.

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*You can review for both the movies if you have watched them

*The Review should be spoiler free and Should not be Plagiarized. 

*Write your review and rate themovie(s) in the end on a scale of 5!

*If You review Spoilers then please mention before review as [ SPOILER ALERT

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asked Aug 31 by The_Admin Master of Movies (124,352 points)
Best Review For Toilet : Ek Prem Katha-> Prince Varun (5000 Points)
congrts prince varun

4 Answers

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Well, one thing is for sure that Bollywood has a new topic to gossip about, it's "erectile dysfunction". Going to watch the movie today, will come up with a review shortly.
answered Sep 2 by anushka91 Newbie (110 points)
Well give a review only after u watch it !!! Edit this post after u watch
i guess you have watched it by now....
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So I have watched the movie Baadshaho and will share my review with you all.

CAST: The movie has 3 lead actors Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi and Vidyut Jamwal, then to accompany them there is an actor Sanjay Mishra,Sharad Kelkar also has a small role in the movie which I was not aware till today. The movie also has 2 leading lady Esha Gupta and Ileana D'Cruz.The story of the movie has been written by Rajat Arora and director of the movie is Milan Luthria.

STORY: This movie story is set in the backdrop of Emergency. Once the Emergency gets declared,The goverment arrests the Maharani Gitanjali(Illeana D'Cruz) from Jaipur who kept a lot of illegal gold with her. Bhawani(Ajay Devgan) who is royal guard of Gitanjali comes to help her,Bhawani loves Gitanjali and is ready to do anything for her.Gitanjali asks him to help her from recovering the Gold as it will be sent to the politician Sanjeev(Priyanshu Chatterjee) and won't be used for the welfare of people. Bhawani then makes a plan and include a lock picker Tikla(Sajnay Mishra), his friend Daliya(Emraan Hashmi) and Gitanjali's friend Sanjana(Esha Gupta). Their aim is to stop the truck loaded with gold from reaching Delhi and Major Sehar(Vidyut Jamwal) takes the responbility to send the truck to Delhi and make sure it reaches to politician Sanjeev. I won't tell what happens after that otherwise it willl take away the suspense from the movie.

This movie was one of the most anticipated movie of this year but unfortunately it's turned out be a let down.Milan Luthra who is also a director of brilliant movie like OUATIM is not able to do justice with this one. Expectations were very high as the director was coming back with the superhit jodi of Ajay-Emraan,so comparing this movie with OUATIM it turns out to be strictly average movie.

ACTING : I will discuss about acting of lead characters of this movie,

*Ajay Devgan= He is good as Bhawani and played his character well but this is not what I was expecting from an actor of calibre of Ajay. We expect an extraordinary performance from Ajay whenever he potray these kinds of roles on big screen(like OUATIM,Company etc.). So though Ajay was good but still far away from his best.

*Emraan Hashmi= He played his character very well,and his dialogues,charm,style and dialogue delivery was very good.

*Vidyut Jamwal= He was above average in the movie.He was looking good.

*Sanjay Mishra= He did justice with his role and was able to make people laugh,this was the reason he was casted in this movie.

*Illeana D'Cruz= She was decent in her role.

*Esha Gupta= There was nothing much for her to do in this movie but whatever screen time she had it was just about okay.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Strictly average.The story is based on the time when Emergency was announced at 1975 but it doesn't give you a feel of that era. The locations are decent enough but that is not what you expect from the movie.

SCREENPLAY & EDITING: Weak screenplay is the problem of this movie.Movie seems slow though first half is decent but once second half starts the movie seems stretched and story can be easily predicted. Anyone who will watch this movie will surely say that climax of this movie is poor.As far as editing is considered it is below average.

POSITIVES: There are few positives in the movies which I willl list down.

*Few dialogues are superb.They were worth clapping and whistling.
*Songs were good.Specially the Rashke Kamar and Piya More.
*I would like to mention that the costume designer have done a very good job.
*First half of movie can be called as good.
*Actors have done their job well though not as expected but still good.

NEGATIVES: There is lot of loopholes and drawback in the movie but I will list only few of them.

*Screenplay is weak
*Second half is very weak and specially the climax,ending of the movie was forced and the writer has not given proper closing to the movie which is very important as audience will leave disappointed.
*The movie is not much entertaining and this one doesn't have a repeat value.
*There are few flashback which were forced.In the first half as soon as you gets involved with the movie and starts enjoying it they brings the flashback which audience won't like as they were forced and not the requirement of the movie.
*Direction is not good.

My Final Words for the movie: You can easily skip this one. The story is weak and writer is to be blamed for this. But if you wants to watch the movie then do not go with high expectations then you might find it bearable.

RATINGS: 2.5/5(0.5 extra for Ajay and Emraan)
answered Sep 2 by Prince Varun Master of Movies (60,639 points)
Bro total 2.5 rating. 2 for movie and 0.5 extra for Ajay and Emraan. Thanks for asking bro.
what is with the climax that everyone has a complain about....?
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faaadu movie faadu entertaining. excellent acting by ajay ,emraan 4/5
answered Sep 6 by Bollyfun Master of Movies (75,312 points)
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In a nutshell Baadshaho is outdated, boring and Senseless with no sort of novelty in it.

What's Good

- Few dialogues
- Few funny sequences involving Emraan and Sanjay Mishra

What's Bad

-Everything Else

Rating - 1.5/5
answered Sep 9 by Sammy Master of Movies (287,565 points)