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How is Dear Zindagi semi hit with budget 46 cr and collections 66.5 cr?

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It crossed it's budget in 1st week so DS is also more.

asked Jul 17 by Baadshah Master of Movies (234,175 points)

5 Answers

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2003 me bani fake Bhaiofficeindia ka Kamal h aur kuch nai.
answered Jul 17 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (733,365 points)
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Maybe bcoz of the trend , weekday trends weren't that good after a good weekend !!
answered Jul 17 by Sammy Master of Movies (287,895 points)
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DZ movie from every angle from every prospect is a clean hit. Everyone associated with the movie was in good profit so I don't understand that why the movie is called as semi-hit. It's surely a clean hit.
answered Jul 17 by Prince Varun Master of Movies (61,267 points)
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Budget is not the only criteria...if budget is only used to judge movies then...the likes of, tubelight, prdp, would have been declared flop...
answered Jul 17 by King Khiladi Proficient Movie Lover (7,721 points)
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flop hona chaie tha fake website tinguofficeindia .
answered Jul 17 by Suraj bhaijaan Dedicated Movie Follower (23,385 points)
Tre sath Crime me Kitne Bhaitards sath dete h Suraj pancholi.?