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How is Dear Zindagi semi hit with budget 46 cr and collections 66.5 cr?

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It crossed it's budget in 1st week so DS is also more.

asked Jul 17 by Baadshah Master of Movies (232,543 points)

5 Answers

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2003 me bani fake Bhaiofficeindia ka Kamal h aur kuch nai.
answered Jul 17 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (635,225 points)
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Maybe bcoz of the trend , weekday trends weren't that good after a good weekend !!
answered Jul 17 by Sammy Master of Movies (233,423 points)
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DZ movie from every angle from every prospect is a clean hit. Everyone associated with the movie was in good profit so I don't understand that why the movie is called as semi-hit. It's surely a clean hit.
answered Jul 17 by Prince Varun Beginner (4,605 points)
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Budget is not the only criteria...if budget is only used to judge movies then...the likes of, tubelight, prdp, would have been declared flop...
answered 6 days ago by King Khiladi Newbie (1,538 points)
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flop hona chaie tha fake website tinguofficeindia .
answered 6 days ago by Suraj bhaijaan Newbie (1,572 points)
Tre sath Crime me Kitne Bhaitards sath dete h Suraj pancholi.?