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Aamir Khan exposed Box office Journalists and Trade analyst he Indirectly exposed BOX OFFICE INDIA in his interview to NDTV INDIA (2005)

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This is an eye opening interview given by Aamir around a decade back Where he exposed Box office Journalists and Trade analyst he Indirectly exposed BOX OFFICE INDIA in his interview to NDTV INDIA (2005)

He says he stopped giving interviews to trade sites and magazines he always keeps distance from trade people right from start of his career because he doesnt like their unfair ways.
Trade people and sites dont like this hence they always undermine his success and blow out of proportion his failture.

He gives example of Mangal pandey. The criteria for Ranking the stars as per trade site and magazine is 1st week collections. Mangal pandey 1st week was highest as per the same site but his name couldnt be found in top 3.

Aamir clearly exposed the double standards and baisness of trade sites and trade magazines. They hate him bcz he doesnt give importance to them and He does few films so they use that as an excuse to pull him down even after his record breaking success.

But the fact is Genral movie loving public doesnt give a dam about such 2rs sites and magazines they dont even know abt the trade people but all love And respect Aamir a lot he is biggest brand and most trusted superstar in Industry accepted by same trade sites.

Actually Aamir is too big to be undermined by these sites and magazines so they somehow half heartedly have to report Aamir's success But the choice of their words and The way they find ways to somehow pull him down is very clear indicator of their frustration. They get exited and start dancing if Somehow any movie crosses Aamir's record and when Aamir makes new records they try to undermine it by gives excuses.
asked Jul 13 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,877 points)

1 Answer

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Fear less and most trustes actor for a reason
Box office India KO awakad dikh gai hogee
answered Jul 13 by khushal Kumar Arya Movie Expert (44,883 points)
tbi se aamir k peeche paren h..