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ADDATODAY-Buzz of TOH is Huge.It wld take record breaking start as it stars India's No.1 star Aamir Khan.

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asked Jul 13 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,877 points)

6 Answers

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Buzz would have been even more if makers or adamant aamir khan opted for Shraddha mak instead of over actor Katrina who is hated by all now.
answered Jul 13 by Shraddha Fans Club Newbie (225 points)
shraddha & shakti dono ko lte to buzz double hjta,kya khayal h apka
Kuch v sarddha Hame v acchi lagti h par bhai tum insult q karbana chahtti ho
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Recent times buzz of this movie is too high than compared to all Aamir movie
answered Jul 13 by khushal Kumar Arya Movie Expert (44,883 points)
Sure bro toh buzz is too high
Yes dear 2 legends first time arha h
Yes bro uske 2:5 months baad bollywood biggest project dwarf
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lolz . baunatoday .
answered Jul 13 by Jethalal The Movie Conqueror (304,350 points)
G to jal gai tri.Tu ja thook Chaat jsk lye tre jse lukhe ka Janam hua h.phle Isi website ko tune best bola Tha na itni jaldi bhool gya dahiwale
Aj kal Kuton se b kharab halat h Criminaltards ki.
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Most anticipated movie of 2018 and it will easily be highest grosser of 2018. It fills all the checkbox required for grand opening and huge buzz.

Lead actor with huge fan following- Done
Lead actress with huge fan following - Done
Huge scale- Done
Big Banner- Done
Good release date- Done
Solo release - Done

So why this question was even asked?Definitely it will take record breaking opening.
answered Jul 13 by Prince Varun Master of Movies (60,965 points)
Wah Kya bt khi h tune suprbbb.
Lead actress - partially done. Katrina isn't that big that she used to be

and dnt agree with biggest Holiday , Diwali is not the best period for release anymore and recent releases have proved that ( expect post diwali day offcourse)
But honesty dwarf has also potential to be highest grosser of the year
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ab ye kiska dadaji ki website hai kuch bhi lik deta hai
answered Jul 13 by Suraj bhaijaan Dedicated Movie Follower (23,347 points)
Tre hi Dada ji ki website h gadhon ko website ka b pta nai.ganwar fans
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HOMICIDE fans ko phir se tapak tapk ke dhoiga,,,
answered Jul 14 by Ranadeb Movie Expert (38,783 points)
Sirf dhoega hi nai rulega khoon k aanso