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If Dangal, Raees and Tubelight had released in Pakistan, which film would have led initially and which film would have led in lifetime business?

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Answer:- Initially it would have been Raees followed by Dangal followed by Tubelight.. Predicting lifetime will be a bit tricky as it can't be said that how Pakistani cine goers had reacted to the films but considering same word of mouth as India it would have been Dangal followed by Raees followed by Tubelight in long run.


Question:- Can Jab Harry Met Sejal Take Biggest Opening Of 2017 In Pakistan?

Answer:- Right now biggest day one of 2017 is around 3.25cr approx and Jab Harry Met Sejal seems a bit off beat film to beat that record. But it is first Khan film in over a year to release in Pakistan and market has expanded a lot in these months hence we can expect biggest Shah Rukh Khan opening easily!

asked Jul 11 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,785 points)

3 Answers

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tubelight release bota to far deta
answered Jul 11 by Suraj bhaijaan Dedicated Movie Follower (23,317 points)
usne ans phle de dya h
Hahaha Pakistan me faar deta India me v faar diya h jisse laashe bich gai h
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Honesty raees will do highest collection in all
Due to mashala and entertaining movie
answered Jul 11 by khushal Kumar Arya Movie Expert (44,883 points)
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Raees would've got biggest opening and Dangal more lifetime.
answered Jul 11 by Baadshah Master of Movies (233,963 points)