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Being Human foundation: Salman Khan warns fans against falling for impostors

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Salman Khan, is disturbed to learn that some impostors have come up with multiple fake websites and are extracting money from people seeking aid from the foundation.

The actor took to micro-blogging site Twitter to warn people against ‘fakes’ and shared the organisation’s official website. The post reads: The Being Human foundation would like to notify that there are many fake websites and people who claim they work for Mr. Salman Khan and the foundation. Amit Ahuja, Samir & Ravi Malhotra are some of the names used. Our foundation does not take any processing fees, stamp duty or membership fees for medical relief and we do not give professional and education loans. Please do not pay money to any such fake person or website.

Headed by Salman Khan and family, ‘Being Human’ foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to the upliftment of under-privileged children. Education and healthcare are some of the issues Salman’s NGO is closely working on.

asked Jul 6 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,785 points)

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