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all the users are requested to change the obscene and offensive profile pictures........

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dont keep any dp which is insulting to any star or fanbase......change within 24 hours or you may face a temporary ban......

asked Jun 9 by King_Khan Master of Movies (69,372 points)

3 Answers

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Best answer
Matlab mein 24 hours tak salman ka bandar wala dp rakh sakata hoon ....
answered Jun 9 by SRKROCKZ Master of Movies (107,596 points)
selected Jun 11 by King_Khan
no u cant .
Teri Dp gayab...
Yeh sab jethalal ki kali kartoot hai......
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!!! very gud !! chalo gud for tiger ab uska **** kat ke mysore nehi bhejna padega !!!!
answered Jun 9 by Sammy Master of Movies (233,537 points)
edited Jun 9 by King_Khan
use proper usernames....
Pondra pondra pachis pachis packers and movers and shakers ha ha
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I can keep my Dp as its having priceless expression from our mega ishtar salman bhai
answered Jun 9 by Mr. 9 The Movie Conqueror (624,108 points)
Kasam se ase expression dekh k Kabir Khan khud confuse hgya hga ke ye Bhai k knse expressions h
Mujhe to rona aa actor ever.
Hahahaha.Best actor ever