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I never see any actor said anywhere that I want to be actor after seeing Salman many of other star say about srk

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asked 6 days ago by khushal Kumar Arya Beginner (2,115 points)
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edited 6 days ago by khushal Kumar Arya
kya kehna chahte ho .
Wahi jo sach Hain
Bro kabhi tune dekha h ki koi V actor Bola Hoga ki maim Salman ko dekh Kar inspire Hua jaise Sushant ranveer rajkumar. Ranbir bolte h ki main srk se bhut inspires Hua
khushal ne wh kha jo tu kbi samj nai paoge..
Uske Dimag se bhut pare hai
sallu fans mental h

3 Answers

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but our kingu is inspired from sunny Leone.

' I want to be world's biggest porn star '- RUK RUK Khan .buahahahahah
answered 6 days ago by Bollyfun Master of Movies (73,727 points)
And rakhi shawant talk about Salman virginity hahahha
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Those expressions !!!!!! Only salman is capable of putting up such performances...
answered 6 days ago by SRKROCKZ Master of Movies (90,684 points)
Best romantic movie ever made in world
And world best romantic experience given by bhaigod lukkhas
bhai roxxxx..first 400cr movie of bollywood.
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kn kahega k me criminal banna chahta hn
kn kahega k me qaidi banna chahta hn
kn kahega k me non actor banna chahta hn
kn kahega k me remake star banna chahta hn
kn chahega k me women beater banna chahta hn.
answered 6 days ago by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (514,173 points)
Hahaha even legendary star dlip Kumar is fan of SRK
Amitabh sir like Srk and Aamir
Sachin fav. Aamir and SRK
Dhoni fav. Aamir and Srk
All legends love only both actor
Even future legends virat fav actor Aamir and Srk
Ambani fav Srk
sallu ko sirf jahi unpardh log pasand krte h
20% autowale he
fir bhi salman ki movies sabse zyada chalti hai . lolz . sachin dhoni ko g**** me daalo . public salman ko hi manti hai