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Most of Salman fan follow KRK. AND KRK insulting Salman day to day but they still follow KRK means they prove they are jaahil fans

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asked May 19 by khushal Kumar Arya Dedicated Movie Follower (22,303 points)
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2 Answers

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Dangal k time Isi KRK ko in Bhaitards ne apna baap banaya Tha.
Aur aj Bhaitards khud troll ho rhe h.
JC krni WC bharni.
Ye log Kitne jahil h ye khud b jante h.
answered May 19 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (561,589 points)
We are that type of fan who makes haters mouth shut off by fact we have many think to makes haters to show his awakd but Salman fans has only collection. And they know Aamir is now biggest collection giver in India but they bark everywhere that Salman gives highest collection hahaha
Bhonkne do kute jb bhonkte h to pta chalta h k kuta h.
In logon ki ab aukaat zero mental hochuke h.
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Even I follow KRK on twitter. He is such an idiot its sometimes even  funny to see his posts and have fun !!
answered May 19 by Sammy Master of Movies (207,002 points)
He blocked me even I just open his tweet abused him and yes his tweet is interesting and more when he tweet on director and politicaians