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Post Your review For 'Half Girlfriend' Here.

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asked May 19 by The_Admin Master of Movies (124,352 points)
Best Review for Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion -

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thankz .

1 Answer

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Saw Half Girlfriend.Not even 2 rows were full while watching that too on 5th day.Anyways coming to the film,it starts with Arjun seeking admission in a top college but he is from a village area.His mother runs a school there..He gets admission there and sees Shraddha playing basketball.He falls for her but she doesn't.She tells him she can be his half girlfriend(What?).But Arjun's friends forces him to tell her that he wants her to be his full gf.Some incidents fold after which she goes away from Arjun.After that they meet accidently,but at that time he comes to know that Shraddha is divorced.And Bill Gates comes to his village school for donation work(lol).He takes help of Shraddha for the speech.At those times they again come close but his mom's doesn't like it and again she goes away.Again Arjun goes searching for her this time in New York.And finally it's happy ending.It was extremely boring film.Direction and Cinematography was decent.Music is only the plus point.Excellent music.Shraddha and Arjun are ok.And one more thing I didn't understand was when rain comes very time,Shraddha walks like a robot and stands in rain.While all others are running lol.One more where her mon dad are fighting and she sits and starts playing song again a big LOL.Below average movie.Only good message is about girls education.My rating 2/5.
answered May 26 by Baadshah Master of Movies (233,709 points)
selected May 27 by The_Admin
You could have opted for Hindi medium instead..
Dost ke treat tha bhai.Main tho kangal hu,I told to book Hindi medium.But he didn't.
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