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Do you know Akshay starer Airlift was released in Pakistan by chopping Indian flag scene

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asked May 19 by khushal Kumar Arya Movie Expert (44,883 points)
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6 Answers

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Nothing new Pakistan cnt tolerate any success of India !!! Even a 18 yr old Pakistani was jailed just bcoz he was a fan of Virat kohli !!!!!!
answered May 19 by Sammy Master of Movies (287,565 points)
Yes but Akshay called him now day biggest desh bhakt then why he did this
Akshay is not a desh bhakt or anything he even has citizenship of Canada !!
Yes but in India people think he is desh bhakt and all khans are desh drohi. They don't know how much srk donate to India and same Aamir for maharashtra and last Salman did charity for children.
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answered May 19 by Bhaijaan The Movie Conqueror (429,251 points)
With Akshay too
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That was actually shame on Akshay that he released the movie there. Aamir refused to release  Dangal after Pak censor board asked to chop national anthem from the climax.
answered May 19 by Mr. 9 The Movie Conqueror (625,245 points)
Yes bro
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Shame on team Airlift.
answered May 19 by Baadshah Master of Movies (233,709 points)
Yes bro
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answered May 19 by Bollyfun Master of Movies (75,312 points)
edited May 19 by Mr. 9
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salu ne be bajrangi bhaijan se scenes cut karwae the.
isk munh pe to thooko.
answered May 20 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,245 points)
Aamir not release Dangal even all say Srk love Pakistan then why raees banded in Pakistan
And even srk not force anyone to release raees in Pakistan
shame on sallu