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Will Aamir Khan's starer start 2000 crore collection worldwide. I think yes and you??

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asked May 19 by khushal Kumar Arya Movie Expert (44,883 points)
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7 Answers

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Kuch bhi ho sakta hain !!!!!
answered May 19 by Sammy Master of Movies (287,723 points)
Dangal got 30 to 40 crore per day
Yes anything possible
Becoz in China people saw movie every week in large numbers
And by trade Dangal will be in theaters approx 9 weeks
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haaaa,,aamir ke lie kuch bhi imposible nehi hai,,,,
answered May 19 by Ranadeb Movie Expert (38,783 points)
Yes in now days not  like some local star movie With  corrupt story  
Do well in India
Aami deserve there movie collection due to good acting and very good concepted movie
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nothing is impossible for aamir khan in this decade.....and the way it is trending.....2000 crores is very much on the cards....
answered May 19 by King_Khan Master of Movies (73,784 points)
Hahahaha it's true bro
Let c what will happen
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Since Day 1 Dangal Was Promoted Under The Name Of Sultan..When You Have Salman Khan Behind Your Success The Level Of Reaching Your Goal Is Infinity .
answered May 19 by Wasim Bakchod Dedicated Movie Follower (19,898 points)
Really and in China Aamir popularity is far better than than all bollywood star admit it
I just heard that news first time if it is true then when Sultan release in China it will collect more than Dangal as per your answer
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Not with Dangal...It will be around 1500-1600cr final WW. If Baahubali 2 second phase clicks then it can do it first.
answered May 19 by Mr. 9 The Movie Conqueror (625,245 points)
Let c but now days Dangal do more collection in one days as compared to bahubali
Anything can happen as china is unpredictable...But 2000cr is far away. It might not do that much. Lets see where it ends.
Yes you are right because Dangal already do 500 crore business in China for touching 2000 means more 800 crore it's looking impossible but let c what will happen
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Dangal Next stop :-

Hong kong >> 7th September (confirm)
answered May 19 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,877 points)
Hope it will stop
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matlab kuch bhi .
answered May 19 by Jethalal The Movie Conqueror (304,350 points)
Dangal in China>>>>>> rehne do non actor se na ho paega.
Dangal is Indian movie and he makes India proud in China
We also proud him
baahubali 3  dayz > dangal lifetime
baahuabli make us proud
Til bahubali 2 1500 Dangal 1250 bro AB bol
BB 3 Days>>>>> Rip Non Actor's sultana daku.
Dangal raped sultana daku in just 13 days..doob k marjao bb2 me chupne walon hejron tmre actor se na hopaega.
Bol to ase rhe hi jse bb2  lalu ki movie ho.haha jahil fanbase ever.
Aaise hi rickshawalas lukkhas thori n Bola jaata h is fan base ko