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yes tublight is going to be a remake of little boy it is still better to credit the original source motu papaji fans forgot how 3 idiots was shamelessly stolen from five point someone without even giving credit to chetan bhagat at the first place...later when everyone got furious they credited chetan's name in beginning. ripoff star and their fans point finger on others.rofl lol lol lol lol

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asked May 5 by Batman Newbie (952 points)
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5 Answers

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dost tum lajawab ho
answered May 5 by Bajrangi Dabang Master of Movies (67,421 points)
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lallu fans trolled badly..aj kal lallu fans k sath.kuton jc halat ho rhi h buwhahahahaha.

 "Bhagat has signed a contract with us, giving us the right to modify or change the story. The contract also clearly states that credit shall be given to him in the rolling credits of the film, which was duly done," director Rajkumar Hirani said.

Bhagat was paid an amount of Rs 9.9 lakhs for rights of the film, according to a document posted on Chopra’s website.

Chetan Bhagat apologises to Aamir Khan
answered May 5 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (733,573 points)
abe akal ke andhe to tu hai. jan ka news dikata hai 3 idiots release hua december 2009 ko..mere se takkar nehi le pata to gol gol ghum jata hai.daar se teri haddi pasli tut gayi to mera question close kar deta hai. mera halat to maine pura tight kar di hai. rofl lol lol no panga apun ke sath
Nikal be Cyco patient autowale.dimag naam ki koi cheez hi nai Criminaltards ko..
Namoone Kahan Kahan se ajate h gatarwale..
kyu jab fat gayi tab patli gali se nikal ja.waise bhi tere jaiso ko rojh keema banata hoo. lol lol
Phat to tri gai jb link Tre manhoos munh pe Mari aur tu samj nai paya bcz u r autowala.bina dimag wale fans.hahaha
tera dimag pata hai mujhe expressionless actor fan.rofl lol
Rikshawale 4 a reason.
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Copied or cannot deny that 3 Idiots is one of the best movies ever made...
answered May 5 by King Khiladi Proficient Movie Lover (7,763 points)
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naammm batmannn rakhaaa haiii aurre baattt gurpreettt singggh jaisaaa kartaaa haiiii
answered May 5 by sher khan Newbie (1,632 points)
gurpreet singh koun hai tera baap kya ?
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answered May 5 by Bhaijaan The Movie Conqueror (429,564 points)
kyunn parna nehi ata kya tujhe? rofl
unpard rickshawala chal bhagg