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sultan opening was more than dangal and opening defines stardom this is where srk sir and bhaijaan never dissapoints but motu papaji movies never open well they do well because of good wom because motu papaji takes years and years sniffing good scripts and takes the credits for movies success. lol lol lol lol

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asked Apr 18 by Batman Newbie (662 points)
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retagged Apr 18

5 Answers

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haaaaahahah !!! sallu criminal actor
answered Apr 18 by anonymous
edited Apr 18 by Legend Khan
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bilkul sahi dost. salman bhai>>> aamir khan
answered Apr 18 by Bajrangi Dabang Movie Buff (17,043 points)
Tushar>>> sallu
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lakhon baton ki ek bat DANGAL F#CKED LULTAN IN JUST 13 DAYS KHOONI FANS KA ZINDAGI BHAR KA R@NDI RONA.HAHAHAHAHAH Bol aur tujhe konsa record chahiye. Footpath pe logon per gadi chadhanay ka.?
answered Apr 18 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (635,265 points)
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Opening kta,,lifetime dekh lukke,,
answered Apr 18 by Ranadeb Movie Expert (37,852 points)
Pagal h sallu fans
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sahi kaha
answered Apr 18 by Jethalal Master of Movies (253,019 points)