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When my first son Aryan was born, he looked like you: SRK told Jackie Chan

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Mumbai: When news of Shah Rukh Khan attending the San Francisco Film Festival broke, we were most certain about one thing- the Badshah of Bollywood would woo them all with his wit and boyish charm- and we were absolutely right. The actor was cheered by the crowd throughout his interactive session with Hollywood director and producer Brett Ratner that was live streamed on Twitter.

The charmer that SRK is, he told the attendants that they were not aware of the fact that the tickets included ‘hugs from him’. His iconic movie ‘My Name is Khan’ was screened after completion of his session.

Brett Ratner, who was visibly in awe of Shah Rukh, offered him the sequel of ‘Rush Hour’ and promised not to give him a cameo or a 5-minute role. The celebrated director went on to call SRK a perfect combination of Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan.

Now Shah Rukh had no idea that Brett had planned a surprise for him. So when he was connected to Chan on video call, ‘fan’ Khan could not contain his happiness. The actor said, “I don't think I have said this before but when my first son was born [Aryan], he looked like Jackie Chan.” That’s quite a statement!

“From tonight, I am going to change my name to Shah Rukh Chan…I am a huge fan (of Jackie Chan). This is the greatest moments of my life," he further added.

Imagine someone as famous as Shah Rukh Khan having his ‘fan boy’ moment. That must have been a sight to behold, super lucky guy!

asked Apr 16 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (732,451 points)

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