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Haters call Aamir credit chor(he ghost directs many films but doesnt take credit),but Aamir khan production is the only one where writers name comes 2nd last and producer 3rd last.

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Generally Producer name is at 2nd last and director last,in AKP Writer name is at 2nd last,producer name is at 3rd last,director at last

asked Apr 14 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (561,319 points)

2 Answers

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lolz ye kuch naya laye hamare langoor laal
answered Apr 15 by Jethalal Master of Movies (247,146 points)
Lallu langoor fan ki  G jal gai kya dahiwale.hahaha
chup dk bose
Post hide krdya bastrd dahiwale phr post krnga G me tri kitna dum h ake dikha Dena.
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answered Apr 15 by Sammy Master of Movies (206,915 points)
iska sirf isi ko pata rehta hai kya kehna chahta hai . poor langoor lal
Lallu fans k pas dimag hta to wh lallu fans thori hote..Puri life G jalti rahegi in criminal fans ki.