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My campaign is different from Salman Khan’s Being Human: Hrithik Roshan

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Actor Hrithik Roshan has launched a new initiative, Keep Going, which is a part of his clothing brand HRX, and while there are already comparisons between the campaign and the work superstar Salman Khan does through his Being Human foundation, Hrithik asserts that the two brands work on completely different ideologies. The Kaabil star says that while Being Human focuses on charity, his brand is more about self-introspection and improving oneself.

Hrithik today unveiled the full video of Keep Going, of over two-minutes, on his Twitter page. When asked about Salman and his foundation, the actor said, “Yes, I do feel strongly about my initiative, and I am sure Salman does too. But there is an essential difference. My initiative is not about making this world better or changing it, but about changing yourself. It’s about being the best you – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Watch the video here:

That’s the key objective of my initiative. I believe your entire world is a projection of your internal world in your brain. So, simply put, changing the world depends on the individual changing himself to become his best. Simple. We are mostly dealing with the physical aspects now, but in (the upcoming) stages, we will complete the circle,” he added. A lot of his colleagues, including his Kaabil co-star Yami Gautam, Dia Mirza and Anupam Kher, re-tweeted the video, calling it inspirational.

asked Apr 13 by Legend Khan The Movie Conqueror (738,380 points)

1 Answer

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Being human t shirt pehnke gaadi chalane walo ko janta maaf nahi karegi.....
answered Apr 14 by SRKROCKZ Master of Movies (108,262 points)